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Rafn Kumar - Tennis

Date of birth:



180 cm


19 ára

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Rafn Kumar ( bytes)I started training tennis as soon as I could lift a racket. My father is a tennis player, so I often went to trainings with him. My goal is to finish my studies in Iceland, go to a University in America and play tennis for the University´s team. My other hobbies are watching movies and relaxing. My favourite tennis memory is when I won my dad for the first time. I don´t really have a favourite sports memory but it´s always fun to see Iceland win.

The main achievement

  • Icelandic Champion in all Junior age groups: U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18. 
  • Icelandic Champion in doubles many times, first time at twelve years old.
  • Played for the Icelandic National Team at WC 2013 and GSSE 2013.
  • Trophy Champion 2013 
  • Point List Champion 2013
  • Runner-up at TSÍ Championships 2014 
  • Icelandic Champion 2014