Þormóður Árni Jónsson ( bytes)

Þormóður Árni Jónsson - Judo

Date of birth:



197 cm


31 árs

Place of birth:


Þormóður Árni Jónsson ( bytes)I started training judo at the age of 6. My parents thought it would be great for me to wrestle because I had alot of energy. My goal is to qualify for WC 2014 and do better than before. My other hobbies are spending time with my family and basketball. My favourite sports memory is when Michael Jordan secured the victory for NBA against Utah in the Champions Legaue 1998.

The main achievement

  • Icelandic Champion as well as Nordic Champion several times.
  • Qualified for Olympics in Beijing 2008 and was number 9-16. 
  • Winner of the GSSE 2005, 2007 and 2011.
  • Number 9-16 at WC 2009 and  number 13-16 at WC 2007.
  • Champion at five Open International Championships. Many times Runner-up and Second Runner-up at Open Championships in the World Cup Legaue.