Íris Eva Einarsdóttir ( bytes)

Íris Eva Einarsdóttir - Shooting, Rifle

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165 cm



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Íris Eva Einarsdóttir ( bytes)I started training sports when I was six years old, at first football, but I tried shooting at seventeen years old. I trained shooting and volleyball together for some time, but three years ago I got all the competing kit for shooting and have concentrated on shooting since. My goal is to qualify for Olympics and compete at the main international tournaments. I have many outdoor hobbies. I have walked up many mountains, travelled the highlands in Iceland on my jeep, worked as a glacierguide and I am a member of Iceland´s rescue service. I also enjoy photography, music and all sports.

The main achievement

• 2011, 2013, 2014. Icelandic Champion, women.
• 2012, 2014. Reykjavik Champion.
• 2013. Nominated as sportswomen of the year in Mosfellsbær.
• I have improved the Icelandic record many times. Last time I did that was on an international tournament in Holland this year.
• I have won many of the open tournaments held here.