Kolfinna Bergþóra Bjarnadóttir ( bytes)

Kolfinna Bergþóra Bjarnadóttir - Table-tennis

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162 cm



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Kolfinna Bergþóra Bjarnadóttir ( bytes)I started training table-tennis at the age of 10 because my father was a coach in one of the table-tennis clubs. My goal is to become an Icelandic champion. My hobbies are singing and being with my friends. My favourite memory is when I won my first national team match at World Championships in Japan. My favourite sports memory is when I saw my team mates Guðmundur and Magnús win gold in doubles at GSSE 2009.

The main achievement

  • Three times Icelandic Champion in singles in juniors. 
  • Icelandic Chamion in doubles and mixed- doubles in junior.
  • Winner of the final Grand Prix tournament in Iceland.
  • Winner of Reykjavik International Games.